Numberic Cards by Taiwan Ben

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Imagine taking your mental demonstration to a whole new level.


Numberic Cards
is the perfect mentalism effect to carry with you at all times. Show your spectator several cards, each displaying many numbers. She freely thinks of ANY number on ANY card. 100% FREE CHOICE! (No forcing and nothing written down.) You are able to connect your mind with the spectator's and read her mind while BLINDFOLDED. This is as close to a real mind demonstration as it can get.

BONUS! Taiwan Ben's Special Dice Routine is included.

  • High quality playing cards
  • Easy to learn and completely self-working
  • Instantly repeatable with different numbers
  • Can be performed in a blindfolded situation
  • Multiple routines taught in detail
  • Set of Numberic Cards
  • Secret gimmicks
  • Online tutorial video


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Numberic Cards by Taiwan Ben

Numberic Cards by Taiwan Ben

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